I Lost a Friend
Drawing by Kazimierz Wiśniak. From the archives (no. 655/1957)

I Lost a Friend

On the Death of a Four-Pawed Companion
Jan Stoberski
time 9 minutes

The loss of a close friend is always extremely painful. If this friend happened to have four paws, like Bonzo, the bereavement even changes the way you view your two-legged acquaintances.

Bonzo was getting older and his sense of smell was getting worse. One afternoon, with my weak eyesight, I was able to spot a rabbit prancing about the fields close to our house, but he couldn’t feel it or see it, though he seemed to have been astutely and carefully scouting the area. He finally managed to catch sight of the rabbit. He ran off in pursuit, but he looked like an old man, legs shaking, who was trying to catch up with a strong young lad.

He was getting weaker and weaker. It all seemed to suggest that he wouldn’t live much longer, so one day I vented my woes: “Why is it that good honest dogs live shorter lives than people!” Take that 50-year-old merchant woman, Dzumal, a sweet-talker and swindler; well, she’ll still be around for another 10 or 20 years, beguiling gullible people, while my 13-year-old Bonzo may have only a few months left to live. Shouldn’t it rather be the other way around?

Little by little, he became slow an


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