The End of the World The End of the World

The End of the World

Tomasz Wiśniewski
time 7 minutes

Logic dictates that since the world had a beginning, it will at one point come to an end. And what if that end really was nigh?

It all began with objects – all around the world, people were uncovering things they’d once lost. At first they thought it was at most another mysterious phenomenon too embarrassing to speak of publicly, but then there were more and more of these re-discovered items. People, shyly at first, started to express the satisfaction these discoveries gave them, for instance by sharing them online. And that’s how we found out it was a global phenomenon at work. This took a few weeks.

In my case, I first found my childhood Walkman on a country road. If I’d come across it in the attic, in a forsaken box, it would still fit within the realms of probability. Over the next few days, in equally surprising locations, I found my clown piggy-bank, jangling with now-worthless coins, and a blanket I couldn’t be separated from until a certain time in my life (I’d rather not admit until when exactly).

Scientists immediately tried to explain the phenomenon, but to no avail.


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