Are You an Honest Person? Are You an Honest Person?

Are You an Honest Person?

Personality Test
Everything’s Gonna Be Alright
time 6 minutes

Think you can tell the truth? Even when you’re lying? Find out for yourself! Take a personality test prepared by the Everything’s Gonna Be Alright trio.

1. What is your IQ?

a. Very high

b. 350

c. The conviction that intelligence is measurable like—for lack of a better comparison—pears at a market stall, is an element of an ideology of enlightenment that reifies people and is oriented towards a disastrous quantification, in which the uniqueness and creativity of the individual is lost.

d. Probably average, hard to say, I’m no genius, but I do know how to


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These are strange times: those who built the systems pretend to be their vanquishers; sexists claim to be feminists; heiresses of fortunes pose as self-made women; and immature perpetrators of violence are presented as distinguished actors who are simply impersonating abominable characters. In reference to the initiation of Kevin Spacey’s trial, Tomasz Stawiszyński wrote recently that we are living in a “culture of appearances” which “favours facades and rewards those […] who thrive at this specific social game that relies on making an impression.” Popular opinion often blames television and social media for this situation, for creating a ubiquitous vanity fair, a dog-eat-dog world of images, profiles and ‘likes’.

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