Welcome to Przekrój! Welcome to Przekrój!
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Welcome to Przekrój!

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Sylwia Niemczyk
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We share knowledge because we believe in the unlimited potential within each of us.

Przekrój (read: P-sheh-crooy) means “cross-section” in Polish and this word precisely describes what you will find here. We are interested in everything that makes us human and we like to publish articles about anthropology, psychology, and spirituality. When we write about the world (and the universe), we ask


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Art Basel 2024 through a Polish Lens Art Basel 2024 through a Polish Lens
Artworks by Maria Pinińska-Bereś at Art Basel 2024, photo by Agnieszka Szablińska

Art Basel 2024 through a Polish Lens

Aga Sablińska

Three focused historic presentations of Polish women artists—Ewa Partum, Erna Rosenstein, and Maria Pinińska-Bereś—encouraged slow looking amidst the hustle and bustle of the famous Swiss art fair.

Art fairs are not usually conducive to slow, careful, and considered viewing of art. At these events—the most important of which is undeniably Art Basel’s flagship fair in Switzerland in June—thousands of artworks are presented by hundreds of galleries, typically without context, in characterless convention centers for just a few days. There is simply no way to see everything on offer, let alone to have a meaningful, extended experience with the art on view.

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