Fasting to the Rescue Fasting to the Rescue
“Katherina Contemplates Her Empty Plate in the Taming of the Shrew”, 1896, Edward Robert Hughes
Good Food

Fasting to the Rescue

The Benefits of Food Abstinence
Aleksandra Kozłowska
time 3 minutes

A 24-hour fast results in a renewal of the intestinal stem cells.

A TV-series binge accompanied by sugary snacks, a long barbecue feast on a summer evening, an aunt’s birthday celebration over a traditional three-course meal – these are just some of our favourite entertainment and gastronomic scenes. But before we reach for seconds, it’s worth thinking about the recent discovery by biologists from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT).



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Forbidden Fruit Forbidden Fruit
“Boys Picking Fruit”, 1778, Francisco Goya. Museo del Prado, Madrid
Good Food

Forbidden Fruit

Monika Kucia

Nothing tastes quite like an apple from someone else’s orchard.

“In some countries, szaber, meaning ‘scrumping’, is legal. In Sweden, everything that grows is common property,” says Zbigniew Sierszuła, art historian and master liqueur maker. “There are no fences. It is legal to gather any agricultural produce, but there is a custom of respecting ownership. Likewise, the Swedish smörgåsbord is a way of serving food whereby guests have the option of a number of dishes from which to make themselves a full meal that meets their culinary and dietary tastes. When eating from a smorgasbord, you can usually eat your fill for a fixed price. One person will eat more, another less – it all depends on what they need. There is no abuse of the system.

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