Karyna Piwowarska

Creative Editor

She was born in Kraków, on Planet Earth, in 1975, in order to fully explore the beauty of matter (and in this city, even concrete has charm like nowhere else in the world). Here, corrosive processes turn stone to dust, iron to rust, flesh to ashes, pride to humility, coal to diamonds, and ignorance to awareness. In other words, it makes something out of nothing, somebody out of nobody. Or maybe the other way round.

She clawed her way through the education system. After three long years spent in the library studying Polish Literature at the Jagiellonian University, she went on to study theatre directing at the PWST National Academy of Theatre Arts in Kraków. Her attempts to find human connection and understanding led her to stage several theatre plays, including Endgame by Samuel Beckett, Kufehek by Jan Purzycki, Powinni tego zabronić by Paweł Jurek, Gąska by Nikolay Kolyada, Śnieg by Stanisław Przybyszewski, Multimedialne coś by Bogusław Schaeffer and Ich czworo by Gabriela Zapolska.

She lives in the Now. She draws from the wisdom of indigenous people, considers ethnobotany a treasure chest of knowledge, learns the truth via the process of arduous forgetting, and when she’s drawing she abandons all the unnecessary burdens of intellect. She believes in a simple life and hopes that she will, someday, see emptiness in its full beauty and manage to reflect it with a single line on a blank page.

She suspects that in the future she will die in order to travel towards further, more interesting worlds.