Hidden Rivers
Nature, World + People

Hidden Rivers

Urszula Zajączkowska
time 13 minutes

The panicked scream of human beings emerging from the water at the very beginning of terrestrial life must mean something. Why do we cry so desperately at the precise moment of transition from an aquatic environment to a gaseous one; when we take our first breath of air into our empty lungs?

Air, as a diffuse form of matter, is so light and soft it’s enough to simply inhale, to take in, to directly exchange whole molecules with our bloody and wet interior: oxygen, carbon dioxide, and water. That unbearable lightness of air causes a number of land-dwelling lifeforms real problems through a phenomenon, one might call magical, although in fact—excusez le mot—is quite physical.&n


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My friends and I were told that hemp plants are returning to Poland’s soil. Naturally, we too wanted to grow them. We had no idea how many problems they would bring us, but also how much joy.

The three of us set up a limited company – me, my husband Aleksander, and our friend Przemek. We were like the three friends from Reymont’s The Promised Land, only we didn’t build a factory, but a hemp plantation. We got our seeds from the Poznań Institute of Natural Fibres and Medicinal Plants. We would provide them with new seeds for re-cultivation and, in return, the rest of our crop – flower heads (or inflorescences) and hemp straw – would be ours to do with as we wished. Straight away we decided that we’d produce oils and Hempcrete. We were energized and optimistic.

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