A $400,000 Punt

A $400,000 Punt

The Bank-Robbing Team Captain
Wojtek Antonów
time 3 minutes

Do you remember the Whisky Robber we mentioned a while ago? Turns out he’s not the only bank-robbing athlete out there. Today, you’ll learn more about the story of Anthony Curcio, a one-time American football player who robbed an armoured car and ran away with $400,000.

Anthony Curcio was one of the ‘popular kids’ we know so well from American movies: football team captain, always wearing his team’s jacket, always followed by girls’ gazes. His problems began with an injury. At the turn of the century, the promising young sportsman tore his articular ligament, then went through reconstructive surgery, but he finally gave up during the rehabilitation process. Curcio found painkillers more appealing than physiotherapy exercises. This was the


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