Are Art People Worse Than Hired Killers?

Are Art People Worse Than Hired Killers?

Reflections on “Velvet Buzzsaw”
Stach Szabłowski
time 4 minutes

“Why don’t we like people who make contemporary art?” I asked myself while watching Velvet Buzzsaw, a horror movie about the art world. In the film, vengeful artworks murder, disembowel and decapitate people from this milieu. Blood flows from curators and aspiring artists, from authoritative critics and influential gallery owners, and even their ambitious assistants. Do we show any mercy? No, for the inhabitants of the art world there is no mercy. The viewer watches the slaughter of this pretentious company with a vicious satisfaction. Even I – though as a


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Switzerland is not quite my cup of tea. My feet have barely touched its well-developed, clean and expensive ground, and I already feel a bit like an illegal immigrant. It seems that this feeling is not only growing in my heart, but also shows on my face—as soon as I arrive in Zürich, I am selected for a random search from the crowd of passengers. The customs officer hurriedly rummages through my backpack and simultaneously interrogates me, chatting away as if we are mates. He takes a look at my warm clothes, and asks whether it is already cold and wintery in Poland. I respond that the real winter awaits me at my destination: Susch.

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