For Your Eyes Only
“Battle on the Marchfeld,” unknown artist, 19th century. Wikimedia Commons (public domain)
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For Your Eyes Only

The Physics of Rainbows
Szymon Drobniak
time 9 minutes

Majestic and spectacular, and at the same time fleeting and private. They stretch across the sky, yet only exist in a single point. Rainbows—everyone sees them differently.

Pale green hills dazzle against a lead-gray sky. In the foreground, two beggar girls sit on the grass. One has just turned her head to look over her shoulder. Behind her, a double rainbow extends over the nearby buildings. The second girl, older, has her eyes closed and her chin slightly raised, as if listening to something in the distance, an act of flamboyant disdain for the colorful phenomenon. The secret is revealed by the title of the painting by John Everett Millais: “The Blind Girl.”

The sun, seeming to shine from behind the observer, warms the blind girl’s face. She is calm, combing the soft grass with one hand, and squeezing her companion’s hand with the other. Although the expression on the other girl’s face is not visible, one can guess that it is full of delight, perhaps tainted with fear at the sight of the storm clouds behind the rainbow. On the one hand, immersion in a nature devoid of light; on the other, fascination with a dramatic weather spectacle. Looking at this picture, we can’t help but wonder which of these experiences would allow us to “see” more. Millais gives his answer: on closer inspection, the sign hanging around the older girl’s neck reads “Pity the blind.”

Dual Arcs

A skilled eye will quickly notice t


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Inhale the Rainbow

An Autumn Breathing Exercise
Dominika Bok

This simple breathing exercise will help you relax and survive the monotonous autumn evenings.

Lie comfortably on your back – on a mat, a blanket on the floor, or on a sofa. Place your arms along your torso and focus on your breathing. When you inhale, imagine the air is formed of red light flowing through your nose, throat and diaphragm right down to the lower abdomen. Hold it in for a moment and simultaneously distribute its energy throughout your body. Then exhale the now colourless air – it can be transparent or pale grey. Repeat, this time imagining the air you inhale is orange. Allow the vibration of this colour to pass through your entire body all the way to the tips of your fingers. Exhale pale grey air. Inhale all the colours of the rainbow: light yellow, green, blue, navy blue, and finally purple. Visualizing the colours of the air is good training before more advanced breathing techniques. If you charge your batteries with the entire spectrum of colours, you will pay less attention to the inevitable grey outside the window.

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