The whole system is built on some kind of error.

The foundations of humanity were poorly laid. And so I depart on a journey to search for other orders. I meet cyborgs, gods, angels and demons. I create a utopian vision of a world founded on friendship, empathy, love and respect for natural rhythms. A world of unrestricted freedom, where patriarchal systems perpetuating inequality of genders, discrimination and oppression are questioned and ultimately abolished. Here, the recurrent nature of life, death and rebirth intertwines with gender and sexual fluidity. And the changing seasons, moon phases, and cycles of birth and decay are a metaphor for the diversity and fluidity of modern identities.

The classic idea of mimesis is based on the assumption that art mimics reality. I am reversing this order – let the reality mimic art.

Agnieszka Sejud’s photographs will be showcased during the upcoming 22nd edition of Fotofestiwal, which will take place between June 15th and 25th in Łódź. More info at