Marcin Orliński
time 5 minutes

A tale about a girl who decided to be herself

I once had a friend who, when she turned 33, finally decided to be herself. It was all because of her personal trainer, who had terribly messed with her mind. During one of the sessions, she heard this: “To be yourself, you have to start competing with yourself.”

She took this advice very seriously, and experienced all the possible consequences. When she bought a new dress, she would immediately become jealous of herself and would have to buy another one. When she was succ


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it’s only sunday

it’s only sunday

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why you crying stupid
it’s okay now
those are your Sunday rules
that you kill the rooster come on
is this your first time on a farm
that you’re so shocked stop shaking
coz you’ll miss and then you gotta pluck
head on the block and then the axe

you won’t cut it off?
give it to me I’ll do it

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