The Tale of the Plastic Bag The Tale of the Plastic Bag
Illustration by Tomek Kozłowski

The Tale of the Plastic Bag

Joanna Rudniańska
time 7 minutes

The Plasticozoic Era is upon us. Land and seas are strewn with vast amounts of plastic. On the small island of Henderson in the Pacific Ocean, which used to teem with life, Plastic Bag meets Diamond and begins to tell her story. The story was written down by Joanna Rudniańska.

This occurred in the distant future, over many oceans, lands and aeons…

“Is there anyone here or am I alone?” asked Plastic Bag. “Hey, I see you. You there, I’m talking to you. There’s no light, but you’re reflecting it. You, little fellow. How are you doing that?”

“I’m a diamond,” came the reply, unexpectedly strong and resonant.

“A diamond? How did a diamond end up here? Who left you here?”

Diamond didn’t reply.

“Well, what are you doing here, shiny stone?” shouted Plastic Bag, puffing herself up slightly, or perhaps inflated by the light breeze carrying dust over the wasteland.

“Watch it,” said Diamond. “I don’t know who you are, but I’d appreciate a little respect. If our world still existed, I’d be an exceptionally valuable item.”

“Our world!” said Plastic Bag with disdain.


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