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Write for “Przekrój”!

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“Przekrój” is a lightly-put digital magazine that observes the world with a kind and playful eye. 

We are associated with the hard-copy Polish-language magazine “Przekrój”, which has a long history as a beacon of culture & art in Poland, having been founded in Kraków in 1945.

The name “Przekrój” (pron. ‘p-SHEH-crooy’) means ‘cross-section’, and we publish a variety of content forms, all of them ‘cross-cutting’ in a variety of ways. Generally, we strive to maintain a consistent literary quality, immersing readers in text and thought, encouraging them to pause for a moment. Our articles cut across East and West, across generations, across cultures, across philosophies of life and aesthetic senses. Our graphic style, in addition, proudly harks back to Central European design from post-WWII decades.


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We publish articles and reportages on culture & society, alongside pieces reflecting on a variety of arts – often pertaining to the vibrant Central and Eastern European region, but also looking further afield. We feature interviews with philosophers, sociologists, and other interesting figures. We carry thought-provoking features on big questions (e.g. global warmingwellbeing, conscious living), but also lighter everyday issues. We publish fiction dealing with the region – including excerpts of larger works. We also publish distinctive cartoons and have a multimedia section offering videos, photo reportages, and audio versions of some articles.  

The international version of “Przekrój” is now looking to commission original content in English in the following areas: 

  • thought-provoking writing, focused on the reader, based on a given author’s expertise on the issue or in the Central and Eastern European region
  • commentaries on bigger questions or lighter everyday issues 
  • interviews with intriguing personalities 
  • reviews and analysis of current cultural events in the Central and Eastern European region (on art, film, literature, design) 
  • English translations of Central and Eastern European fiction and non-fiction writing; as well as original prose and poetry in English 
  • crosswords, trivia, quizzes

Please send your pitches in English with examples of your previous work to: [email protected]. Don’t hesitate!


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