Agnieszka Szuścik

A Polish visual artist with a focus on artistic introspection. She graduated in Photography from the Film School in Łódź, earning a doctorate in Film Art; and in Polish Philology, with a specialization in social communication, from the University of Silesia in Katowice. She is a member of the Kraków Photomonth board; a lecturer at the Academy of Fine Arts and the Academy of Photography, both in Kraków; the host of the author’s broadcast ‘Art of Listening’ on Off Radio Kraków; a TEDx speaker; and the creator of social artistic projects and accompanying campaigns, as well as independent documentaries and music videos. Chosen by “Wysokie Obcasy” [High Heels] for its 2019 ‘50 Bold’ list, she is also the founder of the DJland music charity festival in Kraków.
Anger Detracts from Her Beauty
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Anger Detracts from Her Beauty

The depiction of female anger as irrational, hysterical, and just plain ugly has a long tradition: from harpies, witches and Medusa, to young girls inculcated to be polite and smiling, to memes of raging feminists and the so-called Resting Bitch Face syndrome.
Agnieszka Szuścik, Weronika Perłowska