Weronika Perłowska

A Polish artist. She graduated in photography from the University of Fine Arts in Poznań, and is a graduate of the Sputnik Photos collective’s Mentoring Programme. Her works have been exhibited at the Circulation(s) Festival in Paris (2020), Ardesia Projects in Berlin (2019), the Lumix Festival in Hanover (2018), and the FOCUS Photography Festival in Mumbai (2017). She is interested in manipulating images and symbols in order to scrub them of preconceptions and stereotypes.


Anger Detracts from Her Beauty
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Anger Detracts from Her Beauty

The depiction of female anger as irrational, hysterical, and just plain ugly has a long tradition: from harpies, witches and Medusa, to young girls inculcated to be polite and smiling, to memes of raging feminists and the so-called Resting Bitch Face syndrome.
Agnieszka Szuścik, Weronika Perłowska