Domesticated by Cats Domesticated by Cats
Drawing by Daniel Mróz. From the archives (no. 1092/1966)

Domesticated by Cats

In Praise of Felines
Mikołaj Golachowski
time 7 minutes

We love cats for their beauty, softness and warmth, as well as the lovely sound they make when happy. Mikołaj Golachowski sings a paean to cats – those sweet murderers and majestic anarchists whose purring makes wounds heal faster and illnesses easier to treat.

As the old joke goes, a dog thinks thus about a man: “He gives me food and shelter, plays with me and cares for me, gives me all I need… He must be a god!” In the next picture, the cat comes to the completely opposite conclusion: “He gives me food and shelter, plays with me and cares for me, gives me all I need… I must be a god!”

If you are on close terms with even one cat, you will probably admit that this situation is easy to imagine. Among all the animals that we consider domesticated, the cat is the only one that doesn’t contribute to our survival in any way, at least not in any practical sense. We love cats for the fact that they are pretty, soft and warm, and make a great sound when they are happy. Therefore, we joyfully do everything we can to ensure their happiness. So, who domesticated who?



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