School Is Great in the Afternoon

School Is Great in the Afternoon

An Innocent Discussion About Education
Ewa Pawlik
time 7 minutes

This time, our ‘underage’ panellists at “Przekrój” confronted a topic that immediately concerns them (which doesn’t mean that it interests them): education. When I asked who doesn’t like school, I saw the hands of…

A year has passed since the time we first organized a discussion panel with the participation of the intellectual and mischievous elite of Warsaw’s pre-schools and playgrounds.

Once every three months, an expert team made up of members representing a wide spectrum of ideological views and attitudes convenes at the kitchen table of a representative of “Przekrój”. The meetings do not always proceed in a relaxed atmosphere. Acute worldview clashes and loud arguments take place. Tears roll down many a chubby cheek.

Unlike adults, growing children avoid remaining in a state of conflict. Negative energy is released instantly, much like how the


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Tomek Niewiadomski

Silence allows us to unite with all of nature, present within us as the only reality that exists. Let’s listen to its sounds so that it awakens a sense of the deepest peace; the kind of peace that existed before any sound even began to exist. Photos and text by Tomek Niewiadomski

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