What Kind of Mayan Are You?

What Kind of Mayan Are You?

The Mayan Horoscope
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This horoscope is extraordinary. First of all, the Mayans did not use leap years, which means that every year, each month started six hours earlier.

After a few hundred years, calendar winters would set in during astronomical autumns, which makes it difficult to follow the correlation between our months and Mayan months. However, this leaves our readers the freedom to choose the zodiac sign that suits them best. Besides, we do not even know whether the ancient Mayans used this (or any other) horoscope; it may have been commissioned by one of the esoteric websites that posted it in the first place. What’s more, we don’t really trust the editor responsible for this material, because we suspect he was born under the Wayeb’i sign, and, to be completely honest, Wayeb’i people can’t tell dreams from reality.

To sum up: if you are looking for a solid horoscope, we recommend you consult one of the illustrated weeklies.


2nd – 21st January
Meaning: black rain, black sky, moon, first flower, west

Ch’en represents the night, which means that people born under this sign are night owls rather than morning larks. They feel best in black, although they may opt for dark blue outfits on exceptionally joyous occasions. They work most productively between 9pm and 4am.

All nocturnal things bring these people luck. They stuff their pockets with moonstones, deep-sea fishbones and lockets full of darkness. They wear dark glasses, even during moonless nights, making them completely sun-proof during the day


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