A Murderer in Morpheus’s Embrace A Murderer in Morpheus’s Embrace
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A Murderer in Morpheus’s Embrace

A Case of Deadly Sleepwalking
Marcin Kozłowski
time 6 minutes

There are some people who fall asleep in their own bedrooms and wake up somewhere else entirely, in completely different circumstances. Facing murder charges, for instance.

Sometimes while they’re asleep, people sit up, walk around the house, or talk to themselves and their loved ones. But sleepwalkers can also commit brutal acts. Sometimes even murder.

Early in the morning of 24th May 1987, the Canadian Kenneth Parks, aged 23, left his house, got into his car and drove to his in-laws in Scarborough. He hit his mother-in-law in the head with a tyre iron and stabbed her in the chest multiple times with a knife. She died. Parks also tried to kill his father-in-law, but he survived.

Covered in blood, Parks drove to the nearest


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Have you ever woken up in a new place and noted with disappointment that you are still tired? I am thinking, for example, of the first night in a hotel at the start of your holidays, a night staying with friends, or the first night of a business trip. We aren’t talking here about the first night with a new lover, because then there are other variables at play that might give false results in the study we want to conduct.

The phenomenon of FNE, or ‘first night effect’, has been known of for a long time. Thus far, scientists haven’t been able to come up with a reasonable explanation for it, which has kept sleep researcher Masako Tamaki awake at night. So, she brought together a team of experts in human brain processes and began to look for answers. After examining dozens of brains of people while they slept in a new place, it turned out that the activity of both hemispheres of the brain was significantly different from normal.

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