A National Asana
Cover from the archives (no. 1581/1983)
Fiction, Wellbeing

A National Asana

Yoga Branches Across Poland
Ewa Pawlik
time 6 minutes

To make it onto the cover of “Przekrój”, you had to not only be born a human being, but also to grow up into a kitten. No boy achieved this. The collection of Przekrój” kittens, although large, was solely comprised of girls. Anything becomes ordinary and ugly in excess so, from time to time, the kittens were interspersed with other species.

Fairly regularly, seals, whales, stray and predatory cats, dogs, elephants, birds and even ants appeared on the cover. Plants and children were the least popular and only appeared sporadically. One year in the 1980s, towards the end of spring, a really unusual situation occurred; a vertical tree and two children in the asana yogic position appeared on the cover. Yoga was a long way from enjoying the popularity it has today, but it was not


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Today’s cover is of special value, not only because of its author – the virtuoso of line drawing who gave “Przekrój” its distinctive style (still known today as Przekrojowy, or ‘Przekrój-esque’) – but also for prosaic and even marketing reasons.

Issue 2321–23 hit the stands on 17th December 1989. Everything about it was bigger: not one but three logos, and nearly 50 pages long, rather than the usual 24. Bulging and bountiful. With Christmas just around the corner, this was not just the last issue of the year, but also of the decade. Time for reviews.

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