Like the Steam from Boiling Rice Like the Steam from Boiling Rice
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Like the Steam from Boiling Rice

The Mystery of Qi
Monika Waraxa
time 4 minutes

Qi (气) is like air: we can’t see it, but we wouldn’t be able to live without it. The life force, vitality, inner fire, life-giving breath – none of these terms render tangible its significance and versatility. In Chinese philosophy, it is viewed as a force representing the essence of life.

I understood that it exists thanks to acupuncture, which relives pain by balancing the flow of qi in the body. I sprained my shoulder while carrying a scooter up the long stairs of the Beijing metro. A young doctor working at the local hospital asked me to lie down on a couch separated by a thin curtain from the rest of the room. She inserted a few needles into my body and stimulated them with low-voltage for a better effect. It didn’t hurt, since she managed to accurately locate the acupuncture points


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The Chinese Meridian System
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Traditional Chinese medicine views the human body, soul and mind as a unity, and endeavours to keep them in harmony. The key to ensuring the proper functioning of this holistically understood system is the control of meridians – a network of channels through which the vital energy, called qi, flows. Working with this energy map of the human body enables us to make whole again what has been broken apart.

The Yellow Emperor went wandering
To the north of the Red Water
To the Kwan Lun mountain. He looked around
Over the edge of the world. On the way home
He lost his night-colored pearl.
He sent out Science to seek his pearl, and got
He sent Analysis to look for his pearl, and got
He sent out Logic to look for his pearl, and got
Then he asked Nothingness, and Nothingness
had it!
The Yellow Emperor said:
“Strange indeed: Nothingness
Who was not sent
Who did no work to find it
Had the night-colored pearl!”

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