Youth? Enough!
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Youth? Enough!

Are We Still Young?
Piotr Stankiewicz
time 6 minutes

Are we still young? How does time affect our sense of identity? Let’s look at the fuzzy concept that is youth. Look for its boundaries, which are a matter of consensus. And cross them, with no regrets.

There’s no other way to start this article: I’m 37 years old. Is that a lot, or a little? The answer will depend on who I am and who I could be. As an athlete, I’d already be retired; as a politician, particularly in Poland – where the average age in the Sejm, the lower house of Parliament, remains over 50 – I’d still be young. And as a person? Well, exactly…

A relative concept

Before we dive into the confusing and fascinating arcana of the soul, let’s check out a bit of equally fascinating numerology. How long, exactly, are we young – in numbers? Obviously we never know this precisely. First of all, the answer depends on who we ask. For a high-school student, a 60-year-old is somebody with one foot in the grave. In turn, a 70-year-old could, without irony, refer to a 40-year-old as young. A relat


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