Przekrój: Our History At a Glance

About Przekrój

Przekrój is a quarterly publication for intellectual and spiritual seekers. It’s for those who like to dig deeper, preferring to reflect on universal questions over the rush of the latest news. Pronounced “p-SHEH-crooy,” it’s a thought-provoking art and culture magazine that focuses on the art of living—in an aware, creative, and fulfilled way. We structure every issue of Przekrój around several key themes. These include the big existential questions for humanity and society, as well as a spectrum of topics concerning wellbeing, culture, nature, and the environment. In each edition we also pick a particular region of the world, as well as a color, an animal or plant, and a unique phenomenon. The content on each and every page is carefully chosen so that the whole quarterly unfolds as a connected, fascinating journey. We offer readers insightful essays, expert interviews, and inspirational stories; fiction and poetry; visual art, cartoons, and humorous short form writing, plus a timeless and remarkable graphic design.

Our History

Przekrój is the oldest Polish magazine about culture and society—operating since 1945 and valued by millions of readers. At its height, weekly circulation reached 700,000 copies. Many creatives sought to work with the magazine and its contributors counted the country’s leading writers (Wisława Szymborska, Stanisław Lem) and illustrators (Daniel Mróz, Bohdan Butenko) among them.

Przekrój always covered events in Poland; it also acted as a window to the world during the period when the country was behind the Iron Curtain. Its editors promoted a kind worldview, shaping the sensitivities and tastes of generations of Poles. This led to the coining of the phrase “Przekrój civilization” to describe the societal transformation initiated by the magazine.