What Does the Amazon Rainforest Have to Say?
Photo: Courtesy of Gordon Hempton

What Does the Amazon Rainforest Have to Say?

A Sonic Trip to the Zabalo River
Gordon Hempton
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Gordon Hempton, an American acoustic ecologist and the founder of Quiet Parks International (QPI), studies the last places on Earth that are free of man-made sound pollution. PRZEKRÓJ Foundation invited him to come to Poland at the end of April. Together, we planned to explore whether the Białowieża National Park could become the first certified QPI noise-free zone in Poland. However, Gordon’s visit to Białowieża had to be postponed due to the COVID-19 pandemic. In the meantime, the ecologist prepared an audio presentation of his recent trip to Ecuador, where he recorded the sounds of the Amazon rainforest by the Zabalo River. In 2019, Gordon’s organization certified this area as the first Wilderness Quiet Park.

We are listening to the evening light at the world’s first International Quiet Park – a place celebrated for its natural sonic wonders, with nearly a complete lack of noise pollution. The Zabalo River is located in


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