A Spiritual Spritzer A Spiritual Spritzer
Illustration by Natka Bimer
Good Food

A Spiritual Spritzer

How to Make Elderflower Cordial
dr Ryan Bromley
time 2 minutes

During the Neolithic period (5415–2240 BCE) in the region of Poland, farmers grew and harvested elderberry (Sambucus nigra L.) shrubs as part of their primitive economies. In addition to its fragrant flowers and edible berries, the elderberry shrub


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Photo by Taylor Kiser on Unsplash
Good Food

A Zero Waste Game

How to Maintain an Ecological Kitchen
Marta Dymek

Should you buy a reusable coffee cup and a set of bamboo drinking straws? Maybe it would be better to donate some money to charity and sign a petition? Marta Dymek examines different ways of helping the world – starting with your own kitchen.

It seems to me that ‘zero waste’ is one of the most popular terms nowadays. It is a constant refrain in the newspapers and on the television; there are websites, shops, collectives, and a plethora of zero waste-related hashtags. Most importantly, there are a lot of disputes on the topic. Not Oxford-style debates, mind, more like late-night pub chats: “Have you seen what she wrote? What a pile of…”

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